Paediatric cardiology


The group is p.t. focusing within three main research fields:


1.         Myocardial function and endothelial function, as measured by ultrasound, in health children and children with congenital heart defects. At the present we are focusing on the changes occurring just before and after birth in Collaboration with Dr. PhD, Jörg Kessler and Dr. PhD, Cathrine Ebbing at Department of Obstetric and Gynaecology, and in late follow up of premature born young adults in collaboration with Professor Thomas Halvorsen. Cardiac function and coronary flow reserve are also studied by cardiac MRI in collaboration with Professor Terje H. Larsen, Department of Biomedicine


Dr. Tom R. Omdal

Dr. Britt Engan

Dr. Katja Stein

Engineer Stig Samnøy

Dr. PhD, Elisabeth Lerigul

Prof. Ansgar Berg

Prof. Gottfried Greve

2.         Registry based research in collaboration Professor Nina Øyen at Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care. Within the frame of CVDNOR ( we have looked on the prevalence of congenital heart defects, risk factors like maternal diabetes and folic acid supplement as well as the association with Down syndrome and preeclampsia and sibling recurrence. 


Dr. PhD, Elisabeth Lerigul

Dr. Kristoffer Brodwall

Prof. Gottfried Greve


3.         Exercise physiology during childhood and adolescents and the quality measurements collected during exercise and during a day. At the present we are focusing on altered physical performance during puberty, and diurnal blood pressure regulation. The studies are all carried out in The Energy Centre for Children and Adolescents ( .



Dr. PhD Asle Hirth

Prof. Ansgar Berg

RN Erlend B Johnsen

Prof. Gottfried Greve

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