• Long term follow-up after extremely preterm birth.
    Main focus: Respiratory and exercise physiology.
    Additional foci: Quality of life research, pain issues, infant lung function testing,
    acquisition of normal values.

  • Long-term follow-up after severe bronchiolitis.
    Main focus: respiratory physiology.

  • Exercise induced breathing difficulties,
    Particularly focused on exercise induced laryngeal obstructions (EILO)



Director; Medicines for Children Network, Norway
A nationwide network, engaged in pediatric use of medicinal products, financed annually over the State Budget, EUR 600.000, employing 20 people (all part-time, approximately 5 FTEs), engaging approximately 100 clinicians. Annual number of “clicks” of internet site is exceeding 100.000.

Director; Medicines for Children Research Network Norway (NorPedMed)
A nationwide network constructed in 2013 by Medicines for Children Network, Norway to facilitate medicinal clinical trials in children in Norway. Annual budget EUR 0.1 million.

Nordic investigators network for pediatric medicines (NordicPedMed). Co-initiator with Kalle Hoppu at FinPedMed, and presently member of steering committee. A research network, run by clinicians, aiming to facilitate medicinal clinical trials in children, financed by the Nordic Council, currently via a NOK 250.000 grant.

Partner; European Pediatric Clinical Trial Infrastructure Network (EPCTRI), later called “PedCRIN
A European research network, run by clinicians, aiming to facilitate medicinal clinical trials in children.
PedCRIN was successfully awarded a Horizon 2020 EUR 3 mill grant in 2016. NorPedMed will host PedCRINs annual European meeting April 2018

Partner; Collaborative Network for European Clinical Trials for Children (CONECT4Children or C4C).
C4C is currently the only shortlisted, and thus the only realistic applicant to the EC IMI2-2016-10-04 call, total value EUR 130 mill.

Contractor (with NTNU); Research on European Cohorts of Children and Adults born Preterm (RECAP). RECAP was granted EU Horizon 2020 financing September 2016.

Partner; Adults Born Preterm International Collaboration (APIC), aiming to expand the understanding of adult outcomes of preterm birth by world wide pooling of data, led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

Head of Task Force - European Respiratory Society (ERS) TF-2010-01 on Inducible Laryngeal Obstructions (ILO). A joint European Respiratory and Laryngological Society (ERS and ELS) and American College of Chest Physician (ACCP) Task Force aiming to define taxonomical standards, evaluate current literature and direct future research. The nomenclature statement was published in 2015 (ERR), and the State-of-the-art article September 2017 (ERJ).

European Respiratory Society (ERS) TF-2015-18 Long term management of bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD). Board member. This ERS initiative aims to construct evidence based strategies for follow-up after neonatal BPD, which is currently the most common chronic pulmonary disorder in children. The Task Force met for discussions of the proceedings at the ERS in London, September 2016.

EXTRASTIFTELSEN Research Foundation. Review board for research since 2013. This is a private foundation, handling annually approximately 300 applications and allocating annually EUR 8-10 million to research.

Head; Clinical activities and one of two initiators of the “Energy-centre” in Bergen
A new EUR 30 million center for physical activity, exercise and sports for young people with special needs, opening March 2017, with more than ½ of investments raised through private donations.

Head of the “Research group for respiratory and exercise physiology” in Bergen since 2006
Activities have mainly been funded through PhD and postdoctor scholarships, with grants covering 7 completed and 5 ongoing PhD projects and 2 ongoing postdoctor projects, average costs approximately NOK 1 million per FTE. In 2015 the group was awarded a 5 year infrastructure grant from Western Norway Health Authority, in total NOK 7.5 mill.

Associate Editor for pediatrics in “Clinical Respiratory Journal” since 2007 until Wiley sold the journal to new Chinese owners 2011/2012.

Board member; Postgraduate School of Clinical Medical Research, University of Bergen since 2014

Board member; Norwegian Medical Association specialty board since 2015


Supervisor PhD
* Completed PhD : Robert Maat (2011); Ola Røksund (2012); Ingvild Bruun Mikalsen (2014); Bente   
   Vederhus (2015); Hege Havstad Clemm (2015); Maria Vollsæter (2016)
* Ongoing PhD: Tiina Andersen; Mariann Bentsen; Lars Tveiten; Merete Engeseth; Astrid Sandnes;
    Ingrid Kuiper

Peer reviews - journal articles (alphabetical): Acta Paediatrica; American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine; Annals of the American Thoracic Society; Archives of Disease in Childhood; Clinical Respiratory Journal (Associate Editor); European Respiratory Journal; European Respiratory Reviews; JAMA Pediatrics; Journal of Pediatrics; PlosOne; Pediatrics; Pediatric Pulmonology; Respiratory Medicine; Thorax.

Peer reviews - grant applications: King’s College Health Partner’s Research and Development Challenge Fund (London, UK; 2014); Medical Research Council (London, UK; 3 grants in 2015 and 2016 and 2016); Raine Medical Research Foundation (Perth, Western Australia; 2 grants in 2006 and partly 2016); Welcome Foundation (London UK; 2013); EXTRASTIFTELSEN (see above)

Evaluation committees/boards: Three PhD dissertations (at the Universities of Tromsø and Bergen and at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Sweden), two postdoctor positions (University of Bergen), one professor position (University of Oslo), master degree evaluations at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences spring 2012-2015 (four), and midway evaluations at the University of Bergen since 2012 (approximately 10).


Publication list since 2000



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PRIVATE: Born 24.04.1959; married Line Omland (dentist, self employed); two sons in their 20s.

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