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Leader of this group:

PhD MD Hege Havstad Clemm


ILO - Induced Laryngeal Obstruction

ILO is a condition that leads to narrowing of the throat. Under distress, for example caused by exercise, the laryngeal structures can start blocking the airway during inspiration.

This results in difficulty breathing, and in some cases a wheezing sound. Narrowing of the throat peaks at maximum distress, and ends shortly after.

ILO is often described as VCD (vocal cord dysfunction), but VCD may only be a part of this problem.

ILO is often confused with asthma, but may co-exist.


The management group of Bergen ILO Group and project HelpILO

Members starting from left in the image:

Ola Røksund

Hege Clemm

Thomas Halvorsen

Maria Vollsæter

John-Helge Heimdal


Continuous Laryngeal Exercise - test

When conducting a CLE-test, we monitor the larynx while the patient is doing a full Cardiopulmonary Exercise test (CPET).

We are able to monitor the larynx by inserting a thin laryngoscope through a mask, via the nose, providing a good view of the larynx.


HelpILO - a research project by Bergen ILO Group

HelpILO considers the respiratory system as whole, and researches its components with focus on inducible laryngeal obstruction.

Some ongoing studies


Physical function among children born extremely premature

The WestPaed Research at the children’s clinic, Haukeland University Hospital, are following three population-based cohorts of children born extremely prematurely between 1982-1985, 1991-1992 and 1999-2000.

The aim of this study is to investigate the prevalence and consequences of paresis of the recurrent laryngeal nerve after PDA (patent ductus arteriosus) surgery in those children. 

ILO in media

Mennesker drar nytte av veterinærkunnskap :

Hesteforskere har oppdaget en lidelse i de øvre luftveiene hos hester.


Mange astma-diagnostiserte kan egentlig ha ILO.




EILO at the Bike World Championship in 2017 :

Timeline of Bergen ILO Group



Bergen EILO-group started research on EILO in 1997, with prof. Ola Røksund, prof. Thomas Halvorsen, prof. John-Helge Heimdal and prof. Britt Skadberg. 






EILO versus asthma

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