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Leader of this group:

PhD Bente Vederhus


Quality of life (QoL)  is an essential outcome measure after disease and treatment.

The research group's aim is to increase knowledge on how chronic disease or being born extreme preterm is experienced by the child and the family. What are the challenges and how do they cope in daily life? We aim to contribute with knowledge that will make it possible to identify difficulties at an early stage and to intervene appropriately.

Follow-up studies are warranted to investigate developmental trajectories. Further, collaboration with the municipal health care service and educational services is essential, and an arena for future research and knowledge transferal. Interdisciplinary clinical research within the specialist health care services is another focus for the research group. PhD and master candidates will be recruited.

Currently research on health and well-being in a lifetime perspective after extreme preterm birth is ongoing by follow-up studies of several cohorts born extreme preterm in the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000.

Members of the research group working clinically in the specialist health care service and in the university college system:

Merete R. Benestad

Paediatric Nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Haukeland University Hospital. MSc 2018 “Self-reported health in adolescents with exercise-induced laryngeal obstruction”. Currently research topics: PhD fellow “Born too early: health and well-being in a lifetime perspective”

Hege Grundt

Intensive care nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Haukeland University Hospital. Masterdegree 2019: «Mothers Milk, Breastfeeding and Self-efficacy; A comparative study on preterm infants and their mothers in two neonatal intensive care units with different facilitation of parental presence». Currently research topics: Breastfeeding, nutrition, quality of life, psychosocial health and eating behaviour in children born extremely preterm.


Bente Johanne Vederhus

Intensive care nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Haukeland University Hospital, Assistant Professor at Bergen University College, Faculty of nursing. PhD 2015 “Health-Related Quality of Life, emotional and behavioural difficulties and perception of pain after extreme preterm birth – a population-based longitudinal cohort study”. Currently: Member of the Nordic research group Pain in Early Life – PEARL, research topics: pain, Quality of life and psychosocial health in children born preterm.

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