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Leader of this group:

Prof. MD PhD Dag Moster

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Ingvild Festervoll Melien

Epidemiology is the formal study of health event patterns in a population, their causes and means of prevention. Epidemiology provides the scientific basis for evidence-based medicine and strategies to improve public health. (Segen's Medical Dictionary)

Norway is in a unique position of undertaking population-based studies due to the large amount of information available in compulsory national registries. The linkage of national databases may generated new knowledge on causes and on long term consequences of different medical conditions. Few other countries worldwide have the possibility to do this sort of studies.

The epidemiology group uses information available in Norwegian national databases to study causes and consequences of perinatal and childhood medical conditions.

Research projects

Mother Balancing Baby on Legs

The impact of conditions related to pregnancy, birth and the newborn period on neurodevelopmental disabilities

Ny kunnskap ervervet gjennom registerbasert forskning på dette området vil kunne ha stor klinisk betydning gjennom bedre å identifisere risikofaktorer i perinatalperioden for senere nevrologiske utviklingsforstyrrelser.

Baby Laundry Hanging on a Clothesline

Long term follow up studies of newborns in Norway

Formål med studien: Få kunnskap om hvilke faktorer rundt svangerskap, fødsel og nyfødtperiode som gir økt risiko for senskader for å kunne sette inn målrettete tiltak mot disse.


Studien skal beskrive forekomst, sykdomsforløp, konsekvenser og dødelighet hos barn med cerebral parese (CP) og identifisere mulige årsaker og risikofaktorer.

Meeting Table

Collaborative projects

En oversikt over flere forskningsprosjekt.


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